Where to start?!

Hi!  I’m not entirely sure where to start with all this so thought I would introduce myself, explain why I have decided to give blogging a go and outline some of the things I want to tackle on here….eventually!

So.  About me.  Very boring really!  I am a middle aged Mum of one who works from home as a Company Secretary and I dabble in building websites.  I have T1 diabetes and have recently moved onto an insulin pump.  Having had diabetes for 23 plus years, I felt I never had any information or support but recently I discovered the joys of twitter and the #doc (diabetes online community) and life has changed enormously for me – for the better.  Not only is it an invaluable place for information but also for much needed support and I have made lots of friends.  I also suffer at times with depression and this is something that I strongly feel should not be brushed under the carpet.  But life is not all doom and gloom!  I love football and ‘socialising’ and enjoy a bloomin’ good laugh!  So don’t be put off.  Yet!!

Recently I have been learning a lot about myself and this has uncovered lots of areas in my life that are slightly confusing and upsetting.  Friends have advised that blogging may be helpful for me to write down my thoughts and experiences and hopefully learn more about myself.  I don’t feel I have lots of issues, just need to get things down in black and white.

As you can see, I waffle a lot so will try to improve the writing as I go along!  Future topics I want to address are the fact that I feel a little let down by my family over their support of my health problems, complications arising from diabetes, how depression has affected me. If you are interested in any of these topics then please come back and visit and I will add more posts regularly.  Looking forward to sharing things with you all and to reading any comments that you want to leave.

Toodle pip for now!

J xx